Getting a Home Loan

Most important things to have in Place.

1. Must be Permanently Employed.
2. Must have 3 months Bank         statements & Payslips.
3. A South African ID is a HUGE plus.

Client info

Thanks! We willl contact you to discuss your affordability shortly.

I will do a comprehensive income and expenses to determine your affordability for your new house in a SECURITY ESTATE IN PRETORIA. Then we will view the properties that fit into your budget. We will then submit your application to ALL the banks for approval. Occupation is determined by the construction schedules, from 2-6months.

An ITC affordability check is to check your credit history, and your affordability (very important to check how much you can qualify for.)
Your Gross Salary
( before deductions) is important as you may not spend more than 30% of your combined Gross salary on a Bond.

Your permission is required, as it is important for the POPPI act.

All your personal information will be handled with confidentiality.